Is Honey Going to Break My Fast?

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It probably goes without saying that the most difficult component of intermittent fasting is staying on track without succumbing to food cravings and impulses. Any calorie intake, no matter how modest, might disturb your fast and create dissatisfaction.

But what about honey, even in modest amounts?

Will Honey interrupt my fast?

Absolutely, honey breaks your fast since it is a sweetener with around 70 calories per tablespoon.

By consuming any quantity of honey, you rapidly transition your body from fasting to feeding mode.

Your body will immediately begin to burn the sugar in the honey.

While honey is a delicious sweetener, it is high in calories, which instantly turns to sugar.

Cream and milk are examples of other sweeteners, such as honey.

They are also not permitted during fasting. While you are attempting to burn as much fat as possible when fasting, you must be vigilant about what you put into your body.

What Can you Drink During Intermittent Fasting?

Because of the restricted calories you must consume when fasting, your drink selections are limited.

All of your beverages should be low in calories, with 0 being the ideal.

During a fast, the following beverages are the safest to consume:

  • Water

    Filtered tap water or bottled water
    Water with minerals

    Inspect for the presence of salt or sugar.

    Water, either hot or cold

  • Tea with Herbs

    Green tea Mint tea Chamomile tea

  • Broth de Bones

    Improves fullness while decreasing inflammation

  • Vinegar of Apple Cider

    Aids in the promotion of weight loss
    Increases metabolism while burning fat

Water is the greatest choice for staying hydrated when fasting. When you are no longer obtaining surplus liquids from meals, it is simple to get dehydrated, thus you must prioritize your water consumption.

Water and tea both encourage ketosis, a condition in which you burn stored fat.

Increased water consumption has several health benefits, including:

  • Enhanced fat burning
  • Enhanced metabolism

If you are experiencing hungry during your fasting hours, you may add some lemon to your water.

This is fewer than 10 calories and will help you get through the day by curbing any food cravings.

Other Drinks to Include:

Caffeinated beverages may be used to diversity your liquids during fasting times. Caffeinated beverages used in tiny doses assist to boost your attentiveness while decreasing your hunger.

Caffeine should not be used in excess of 6 cups a day, however it does improve your metabolism and aid in weight reduction.

You may also use a zero-calorie sweetener to mix up the taste of the beverage. Stevia is a sugar substitute that does not disrupt your fast.

You should be advised that Stevia has a sweet taste that may cause a hunger response.

If you are easily tempted by hunger, you should avoid it.

To have a good fast, you must carefully monitor your body’s symptoms and responses to various beverages. When your body is having problems keeping its fast, it will let you know, and you must listen to those warnings.

Should you Avoid Sugary Drinks?

Sugary beverages must be avoided at all costs. Any liquids with a small or considerable sugar content will force your body out of ketosis and into the eating phase.

In reaction to food digestion, the eating period causes the production of insulin, which subsequently flows to your circulation. Due of the system disturbance, you should avoid any artificial or natural sweets.

An artificially sweetened beverage is made up of the following ingredients:

  • Tea with a Sweetener

    This may be done using honey, which can raise your blood sugar levels.

  • Artificial sweeteners with no calories


    May also cause insulin to be released.

Along with avoiding sugary beverages containing artificial sweeteners, you should also avoid caffeine. Coffee mixed with fasting will have a bad impact on your health.

Caffeine may cause anxiety, restlessness, heartburn, and mood fluctuations when fasting. Caffeine use should be limited due to these detrimental health consequences.

You should also be mindful of the calories included in specialized water brands aimed for active folks. This might be propel or vitamin water.

Both include calories that may look little yet are detrimental to your fasting.

During fasting, stick to plain water or tea for drinks. This promotes the finest health outcomes.

Other Drinks to Avoid:

Some beverages that should be avoided during fasting are listed below.

You should avoid the following beverages:

  • Coke, Diet or Regular
  • Alcohol
  • Juice

When consumed during a fast, these beverages produce only negative outcomes.

Soda, whether diet or normal, includes a lot of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Both trigger a hunger response, making fasting more difficult to attain and maintain.

It is preferable to limit your engagement with any drink. Soda has also been linked to obesity-related disorders, thus eliminating soda will benefit your overall health.

Alcohol is also not advised due to the danger of dehydration.

Together with the dehydration dangers of alcohol, an alcoholic drink has a high calorie content.

Juices should also be avoided due to their high sugar content.

Why Should You Fast?

The major reason individuals practice intermittent fasting is to enhance their general health and well-being while regulating calorific intake while eating properly.

Your body will appreciate it.

Fasting for 12 to 16 hours a day will undoubtedly alter your relationship with eating.

You will no longer blindly consume food; instead, you will learn to respect food and your connection with it.

Food is a component of your everyday life that is sometimes overlooked, and we tend to consume or GRAZE passively.

This TED lecture about fasting is also well worth seeing.


While you fast, you will notice how seldom your attention goes to food and how much more in control you are.

Fasting fosters self-discipline and gratitude, and while these are important personal qualities in their own right, they can also have a wide-ranging impact on many other aspects of your personal, professional, and spiritual life.

Best wishes on your fasting adventure!


Can we take honey in intermittent fasting?

Sweeteners like sugar and honey, dairy products like milk and cream, and other wonderful goodies that coffee-drinkers often add to their daily cups all contain calories, and are therefore strictly prohibited while you’re fasting…

Can I drink tea with honey while fasting?

“Unsweetened teas do not trigger an insulin surge and are therefore safe to consume during a fast.” “But, adding sugar, honey, or milk to the tea can break the fast,” explains Autumn Bates, a certified clinical nutritionist in Manhattan Beach, California.

Does lemon and honey break intermittent fasting?

In actuality, sipping basic lemon water with little calories is unlikely to disrupt your fast. A major study of 1,422 fasting people allowed herbal tea with honey and freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice.

What foods will not break a fast?

Items that may be consumed when fasting
Water. Water, whether plain or carbonated, has no calories and will keep you hydrated throughout a fast.
Coffee and tea are available. They should mostly be drunk without the addition of sugar, milk, or cream.
Apple cider vinegar, diluted…. Good fats….
Broth made from bones.
Sep 26, 2019

Does honey break ketosis?

Honey is a sweetener that includes a lot of carbs, thus ingesting it might knock you out of ketosis. On keto, you should restrict your carbohydrate intake in general. As a result, consuming honey while on a keto diet is not advised.

Does honey spike insulin?

L).L), as well as fructosamine (304.5 10.1 molml), reduced hyperglycemia (12.3 3.1 mmol). Honey substantially elevated insulin levels (0.41 0.06 ng/mL).

What sweetener won’t break a fast?

To summarize, certain artificial sweeteners may be used during a fast, but not all. If you need a sweet boost in your coffee or a can of diet Coke, Stevia, Splenda, Equal, and other zero-calorie sweeteners that don’t cause an insulin response or change in your blood sugars are fine to use.

What kind of honey is best for fasting?

Selecting the Right Honey for Honey Fasting

Use raw, unprocessed honey that includes all of the enzymes need to support your body throughout the fast. Any kind of blended honey from a store is out!

Does turmeric and honey break a fast?

Turmeric, on the other hand, may be ingested during fasting, although it is best to use it in moderation due to its heated nature. As a result, if you are fasting, you may add some turmeric to your diet if you are certain that it will not harm your health.

How many calories break a fast?

A fast may be broken with any quantity of calories. If a person is fasting strictly, they should avoid any food or drink that has calories. Individuals who follow a modified fasting diet may often consume up to 25% of their daily calorie requirements while fasting.

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